External Academic Relations

Officer in charge: Dave Synowka

We explore and nurture relations with other academic organizations, representing the interests of Alliance institutions and colleagues during parent business disciplines’ and related academic organizations’ conferences. We research and monitor announcements, conferences, workshops, symposia/colloquia, and other meetings of Alliance members’ interest, join listserves, becoming actively involved members in such academic associations and networks. In conjunction with the Faculty Development and Research Committee, we coordinate efforts and communication with mainstream business fields’ journal editors in view of Alliance colleagues’ research submissions and journals' special issues.

TassosKaburakis Tassos Kaburakis, Saint Louis University (Chair)

JoeCobbs Joe Cobbs, Northern Kentucky University

DarinWhite Darin White, Samford University

JoelMaxcy Joel Maxcy, Temple University

JeffOhlmann Jeffrey Ohlmann, University of Iowa