Officer in charge: Bill Sutton

The Marketing Committee is charged with helping to disseminate the ASB mission to current and prospective members.  The committee is also charged with educating the industry of the value of sport management education as taught by accredited business schools.  Lastly, the Marketing Committee is charged with helping to promote the quality of sport management education to faculty, deans, and accrediting bodies so they can appreciate the unique needs/issues/opportunities presented by a sport management curricula.

Value Proposition:

A diverse group of institutions comprise the ASB membership.  From small Midwest based universities to large national universities, from public to private institutions, and from schools that only offer bachelor degrees to those offering doctorate degrees: all have found significant value from joining ASB.  Why should you join the other institutions who comprise the ASB?  We are the voice for those who aspire for the highest level of business based sport management education.  We accomplish this through developing and disseminating critical information exclusively to our members such as syllabi, journal ranking lists, employment guidance, industry specific data, assurance of learning matrixes, and other information that can help a sport management program currently housed in a college of business to become stronger and help those considering moving to a college of business or those considering becoming accredited with the process.

GilFried Gil Fried, University of New Haven (Chair)

Mike Pfahl Michael Pfahl, Ohio University

blank-profile Tim DeSchriver, University of Delaware

david-tyler David Tyler, Western Carolina University

DarinWhite Darin White, Samford University